Shaker's Cigar Bar

Welcome Home

422 South Second Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Located in Milwaukee's Historic Warehouse District

  • Monday - Friday
    3:00 PM - 2:00 AM
  • Saturday 12:00 PM - 2:00 AM
  • Sunday 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Kitchen Tuesday - Saturday
    5:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Shakers Cigar Bar is one of the most unique smoking establishments in the country. Not only are we Milwaukee's Only licensed Cigar Bar, in addition to a personally curated selection of premium hand-rolled Cigars, we also stock a full bar, which dates back to Capone's Speakeasy days in Prohibition, of vintage brown spirits and wines.

Equatorial Grazing Fare Adventures in Culinary Paradise

The following award-winning creations are based upon several proprietary sauces and marinades with origins in lively Cajun, Creole, Pacific Rim, Caribbean, Mediterranean and South American cuisines: you will find these taste treats perfect for grazing or appetizer fare, each with its own sense of purpose for perfect contrast and compliment. . Enjoy!

At Shakers, we feature Daily iterations to our weekly menus as well as monthly theme dinners. We often bring in exotic seafood or game dishes to showcase in the kitchen for a day or two.

Live Bands

Prof Pinkerton & the Magnificents has been Shakers' longtime resident band. They can be found presenting an eclectic showcase of early American roots music on the First Thursday of each month (except July)

Their performances invoke the spirit of our early days as a speakeasy, house of ill repute, and social center of Milwaukee's most adventurous citizens.


All Cigars offered at Shakers Cigar Bar are premium hand-made cigars.

A collection of about two dozen brands running the gamut from light and gentrified smokes to robust and deep flavors resides in a 1905 glass-topped Humidor, which was used in the Speakeasy, while thousands of sticks mature in our cellar humidors. We prefer ultra fresh stock over old stock siting on shelves in walk-in closets. These Choices are all designed to pair well with brown spirits or wines and as a digestif after a fine meal. Many choices are stellar as a standalone with your favorite beverage.

Monthly Cigar Dinners have taken place since 1992, when Ernesto Carillo of La GLoria Cubana fame had his first Cigar Dinner ever in the world, right here at Shakers.

Cigar Aficionado Magazine was an early sponsor of these magnificent soirees at Shakers.

Carlito Fuente has appeared at Shakers on multiple occasions and is quite fond of our seafood Gumbo. Virtually every luminary of the cigar world has been to our restaurant.


Shakers Cigar Bar has featured boutique wines and vintage spirits since inception in 1986.

We have received numerous awards over time, including Best Wine List, Milwaukee Magazine People's Choice Best Wine List Critics Choice Shepherd Express The Wine Spectator, Award of Excellence/ Best Wine List.

We feature a market priced daily wine list and a masters list with Bordeaux from 1986 as well as Sauternes from 1967.

Shakers has received accolades for our spirits list as well as being picked as one of the 30 Best Bars in the Country by Gentlemen Jack/ Brown Foreman Distilling.

We curate Scots Whisky to 1954 for 30 Yrs. old. as well as a prodigious selection of rare and hard to source Bourbons and other Brown Spirits.

Our Cognac Selection dates to 1879.