Worldly Red Wines



(Argentina) Lush, soft, full-bodied Malbec with a great finish. Affordable juice rivaling French viticulture.

Two Lands


(Austrlia) A soft, fruit forward, cherry block approach to a really nice Shiraz..

Barbed Wire

American Red Blend

(North Coast) Good luck naming this wonderful proprietary blend. A complete wine. Great for quaffing or with any food.



(Puglia) The forerunner to zinfandel. Good backbone. Zesty.

William Hill Cabernet

(Napa) 100% cabernet, well-rounded and drinkable without the pretense of flavor expressions or snobbery.



(Espana) Granacha/ Tempranillo/ Graciano. Full bodied and lush.

Nieto Senetiner


(Argentina) Actually a deuce noir grape from Italy. Thought to be the next Malbec in terms of popularity

Scuola Grande

Amarone della Valpolicella

(Italia) Soft and lush, just the way you want it.

Cantina Tombacco

Biferno Rosso Riserva

Finca La Linda


(Mendoza Argentina) A massive fruit-forward Argentinean monster. Requisite peppery, earthy spiciness. Very quaffable juice. with a good mouthfeel and enough balance to support foodstuffs.

Entre Suelos


(Espana) Very EASY drinking Spanish Temperanillo. A serious wine with soft tones and enough structure to support spicy foodstuffs. Not the bubble-gummy style some are producing for American paletes. Positively delightful.

Layer Cake

Koonounga Hill Shiraz

(McLaren Vale/ Barossa) A well developed Monster. Requisite peppery, earthy spiciness. Very quaffable juice, with a good mouth feel and enough balance to support foodstuffs Big with Layers of classic dense flavours. Top notch stuff.


Pinot Noir

(Oregon) Up, down, Sideways? Well worth the adventure. Enticing fruit flavours, Elegant classic Body & Structure.

Napa Cellars

Cabernet Sauvignon

(Napa) Classic California Cabs, w/ flavors of Berry, followed by Eucalyptus and Chocolate, finishing with tanned leather.

Two Hands ARES


(Barossa). Magnificent, This flavours in this Shiraz have been around as long as Ayer’s Rock. A wickedly good craft wine with plenty of peppery spice tones. A Monster which received 98-100 pts.

Worldly White Wines


Argentinean blend. Cheap and Easy drinking.


Pinot Grigio

(Italy) Semi-dry, Lean and great w/ shellfish or as a sophisticated base for other fare.

Alma Mora

Sauvignon Blanc

(Argentina) Fresh, fruity with a citrus backdrop



(Cali.) Flavors of ripe, drippy sun spackled peaches and fuzzy apricots, marinated with crisp Lemon-Citrus acids dominate this Moscato. A fun wine for fun and spicy cuisine, or for when you want to breed like a bunny.

J J Mueller


(Rhine Hessen, Germany) Sweet, with good acid. Not the usual cat piss served in town.


Sauvignon Blanc

(Chile) Crisp clean flavors. Everything you want in South American SB.

Two Lands


(South East Australia) Bob-a-loo likes Aussie wines. Imagine yourself on a sailboat, being languidly carried away upon the Eastern Australian Current, headed towards Sydney, the pelicans calling to soaring seagulls overhead, and you enjoying this delightful wine. Ah, paradise, no shark bite here.



(Argentina) Stellar juice with a granite finish. You can almost see the Andes rising before you.

Echo Bay

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

(New Zealand) Flavors of ripe, drippy sun spackled peaches and fuzzy apricots, marinated with crisp Lemon-Citrus acid dominate this slightly herbal SB. A fun wine for fun and spicy cuisine, or for when you want to breed like a bunny.

Curious Beasts


(California) The fruit forward Stainless tank style, Lean, semi-dry with a refreshing full-mouth feel. A nice summer time conversation wine.


Pinot Grigio

(Italy) Bob-a-loo likes this juice, although he is fondest of pink and open mostly, this white is a credible substitute. A very nice expression in a pretty blue bottle, and everyone loves a blue bottle.

William Hill


(California) A Well crafted buttery-oaky Chardonnay, with enough acid to make it interesting. Perfect balance for a summer quaffer, and a stellar wine for the late summer patio season.

Terra D’Oro

Viognier/Chenin Blanc

Exotica rocks in this delightfully playful wine which will dance upon your palette. Perfect for quaffing or as a counterpoint to spice. Marvelous tones of Peaches, spice and lavender. The Ultimate “Chick” Wine……..Yummy!



(Russian River) Warm fruit tones of apple, pear and quince with a hint of spice and luxe mouthfeel.


Sauvignon Blanc

(Sonoma) Second tier from the vaunted Duckhorn Estate. As good as it gets in California.

Qupe Y Block


(Santa Barbara) great mouth-feel, well rounded, slightly flabby, Oaky-Buttery. The Quintessential California Chardonnay with Oak barrel Malolactic fermentation.

If you want to party like a Rock Star, be prepared to pay for it...